Physical Activity Vs Exercise

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Based on the plenty of scientific research on physical activity and exercise over the last three decades, a strong difference has been recognized in between exercise and physical activity and exercise. Physical activity is mentioned as bodily action created by skeletal muscles which need the spending of energy and creates progressive health benefits. Examples of physical activity are walking to and from work and the store, performing household chores, taking stairways (as an alternative of escalators and elevators), dancing, gardening and cleaning car by hand. Physical inactivity, alternately suggests the level of activity which is inferior to that essential to sustain good health.

Exercise is considered a type of physical action which needs prearranged, organized, and repetitive physical effort to improve or preserve one or more constituents of physical fitness. A frequent weekly program of cycling, swimming, jogging, strength training, walking, aerobics, and extending workouts are all examples of workout.

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