Secrets to Living a Happier Life

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Each New Year brings ambitious attempts to kick bad habits, live a healthier life and accomplish more at work. But this year, instead of trying to reach many different and difficult goals, resolve to achieve just one putting more happiness in your life.

Keep this resolution, and your life and immune system will improve, resulting in a healthier and more prosperous year. Simple ways to put more happiness in your life…

• Change your attitude about your job and colleagues

If you are stuck in a job you hate, explore your options for change and make an effort to switch to a career you will find more personally satisfying.

But if you can’t change jobs for financial or career reasons change your attitude toward your job and the people with whom you work.

If you need motivation, listen to tapes, read uplifting books and talk to inspiring people. By behaving like the person you want to be, you can vastly improve your life.

The more you practice your new attitude, the better you’ll become at reversing your bad moods and unhealthy feelings.

• Make time for activities you enjoy

Studies have shown that when people work on projects or hobbies that they enjoy, their blood chemistry is altered almost immediately in a positive way. When your blood chemistry is altered in this way, it increases your body’s resistance to infections and life-threatening diseases.

Key: Engage in activities that make you lose track of time. Such activities depend on the individual and can range from washing a car or painting a house to reading or exploring the Internet.

• Change the way you think about failure

Failure is a state of mind. When you fail to live up to your expectations or those of others, you can dwell on it until you feel terrible about yourself. Or you can choose never to feel this way again by thinking of failure as a redirection that leads to good things. Remember that “F” does not have to stand for failure. It can stand for feedback.

People who learn from upsetting events and then move on are happier and healthier than those who don’t.

My wife has a wonderful saying never consider yourself a failure. You can always serve as a bad example. She knows that there is a use for everything even failure and those we can derive something good or beneficial from every unhappy life event.

• Get fully in touch with your feelings

Most of us are extremely adept at repressing issues with which we would rather not deal. We distract ourselves by cramming so many activities into our schedules that we never have time to get at the root of what is making us feel unhappy or anxious.

If you take the time to get in touch with your feelings, you can discover and heal the source of your psychological pain.

• Keep a journal

One of the best ways to get in touch with your feelings is to record them in a journal every day. Carry a pad and pen with you, and jot down anything that moves you as each day progresses whether the events are happy or upsetting.

At the end of each day, read over your notes so you can remember how you felt at specific times and what may have caused those feelings. You may also want to add to your notes.

Studies have shown that people who write regularly in journals feel less stressed and are less susceptible to various diseases

• Treat yourself as you would treat a beloved pet

Many people have problems treating themselves well. They don’t forgive themselves easily for making mistakes and do not give themselves permission to enjoy life.

I tell people to take care of themselves as they would a pet.

Examples: Would you allow your pet to smoke? Drink too much alcohol? Become obese? Of course not. You make sure it gets exercise, good food, occasional treats and enjoyable toys. And most important, you give it lots of hugs and express your love.

Do not resolve to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise to avoid dying. Eat a healthy diet and exercise because you care enough about yourself to do it.

Love yourself enough to enjoy the beautiful things in life without feeling guilty. Buy a new outfit. Take a day off from work and go to the movies. Lighten up, and spend some time playing.

• Make a difference

Individuals who help others several times a week often live longer, healthier lives. When you volunteer to help other people, you feel better emotionally and physically. You achieve a natural high.

• Develop a childlike sense of humor

Just as children are able to see the silly side of almost everything in life, you can use humor to get through the ordinary hassles and crises you face. Watching humorous movies and TV shows can boost your physical immunity.

If you despise your job and hate going back to work on Monday or you are scheduled for a medical treatment you dread, your body will start releasing stress-provoking chemicals before you get to the office or hospital. You can neutralize this reaction by reading an amusing book, listening to a funny tape or just looking for the humor in life.

Take charge of your life, and decide which labor pains you are willing to experience in order to give birth to yourself.

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